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Super Mario, Pokémon and Zelda were the most hit games to have ever been played across the globe were all created by a single company Nintendo. For years, Nintendo has ruled the gaming industry and has set the bar high in the gaming industry. But off late, their dominance has been cut off by the emergence of a new wave of companies which have generated much better interest amongst the gamers.

Nintendo for years has been the most hit word across the gaming industry for producing the best games and revolutionizing the entire gaming industry. Starting from Mario to Wii console, Nintendo has attracted various people who have never ever wondered about playing video games. But a recent study suggests that the sales of Nintendo have received a major setback and there is nearly a thirty percent drop in the overall profit. This comes as a shock to a company which had for years set the bar for the entire industry. This has generated a series of contentious debates on, what really led to this downfall?

The answer lies within Nintendo itself, its failure to launch an alternative to the rewarding Wii was one of the reasons, why the company stumbled in the market. The successor Wii U did not stand up to the expectation generated and was an instrumental factor in the dipping of sales of Nintendo. Its competitors, who include the famous Playstation and Xbox, have registered a significant increase of sales in the same period. Connoisseurs of games have called this a major setback for the whole gaming industry and have hinted at a change of guard as the dominant force in the market. Will it serve for the best of Industry? Only time can answer it.

Another fact which seems to have gained the public acceptance for Nintendo’s downfall is its failure to have an impact on the smart phones. A study was carried out amongst the youngsters on the preference between a Smartphone and a Nintendo for their daily use and Smartphone’s received an overwhelming acceptance. The study proves that, of late many youngsters- the major buyers of Nintendo’s have opted for a smart phone rather than a Nintendo 3DS for their daily pass time. This is a major headache for a company which for years has churned millions of gamers into its hold through its consoles. Will it bounce back? This seems to be the million dollar question.

The job in hand at the moment for Nintendo is to pull back its console, which has been less innovative, and less attractive and plan a better product to sell to maintain its brand name. This might also be changing the strategy of the construction of the Nintendo. The other viable options may be also bringing the famed classics like Mario and Zelda again to the market. But whatever the options maybe, the solution to its decline, sales has raised questions about its business structure and no wonder Nintendo will have to undergo a transformation to revive any chances of its survival. But for certain the future of Nintendo will be decided in the coming years. It is a DO or DIE battle for them.

Nintendo Might Bring Something Special in the Nintendo NX

Although it hasn’t been made official yet, there are a number of people who have reported that the Nintendo NX is going to be a portable game console with two detachable controllers.

Nintendo has been more for innovation rather than raw premium specs. And, I think that the company, despite its bold efforts, will really be successful with the Nintendo NX, provided that they will unlock a certain feature.

One gaming authority, Digital Foundry, explained in a recent video that the Nintendo NX could bring something special and that is to emulate both the Nintendo Gamecube and the Nintendo Wii.

Both of these game consoles were 2 or 3 generations ago and I think that if Nintendo hopes to unlock this feature, the Nintendo NX will surely be a hit.

So, how will this be possible? It is reported that the Nintendo NX will be powered by the all-powerful Nvidia Tegra mobile processor.

There is an Nvidia shield tablet that uses an iteration of the Tegra processor. It is already powerful in its own right and with Nintendo using the latest one, it will really have more punch in terms of graphical prowess.

This means that it is more than capable of emulating Nintendo’s Gamecube and Wii, provided that the company will release support for it.

This is actually akin to the Nintendo 3DS. Although the company did not release official support for emulation, different hacking groups found a way to emulate certain Nintendo games through emulation with the use of R4 3DS cards.

Now, I am not advocating that people should hack but given these specs, it would be interesting to see if Nintendo is going to officially support it or if hacking teams will be able to make an R4 NX card.

If Nintendo does support this feature, I am pretty sure that the Nintendo NX will really be one of the best portable game consoles ever made.

The idea of having two detachable controllers is wild enough and actually having support for emulation of Nintendo’s previous game consoles make it even more appealing.

If you can remember, there are plenty of memorable games for the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. In fact, the gaming lineup for the Nintendo Wii was extensive enough that people really loved the game console (sadly, the Nintendo Wii U didn’t have the same fate).

I think Nintendo should really look into supporting emulation of their past generation game consoles.

It would be a waste if the Nintendo NX will not be able to do this since, hardware-wise, the portable game console is more than capable of delivering this.

Furthermore, Nintendo should be open to suggestions because the company has suffered great losses over the past years.

This is a really interesting idea and I really do hope that we will get an official support for emulation. Otherwise, hacking teams will do the job for them.

The Nintendo NX will be released in March of 2017.

SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster

SmoothTalker is a trusted brand when it comes to mobile phone signal boosters. Because of this reputation, they’ve actually created a massive catalog showcasing all of their mobile phone signal boosters.

I know that actually giving you a catalog will make it hard for you to choose, so in this article, I will recommend to you a mobile phone signal booster from SmoothTalker that is not only inexpensive, it can also boost 4G LTE signals as well.

The SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster that signal booster and that it has some pretty impressive features.

This mobile phone signal booster is able to rebroadcast signals up to 3,500 sq.ft, which is more than adequate if small to medium homes.

Furthermore, if you buy the SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster, you will receive everything you need in order to set this booster up.

The SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster also passively boosts your mobile phone’s battery as it does not have to work hard to get mobile phone signals.

I am impressed with the SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster as it comes with a 70dB high-gain signal amplifier. Most other signal boosters have less than 70dB gain which translates into lower mobile phone signal amplification.

Furthermore, when you buy the BRBCZ1, you are shipped with two omnidirectional antennas. If you live more than 30 miles away from your service provider’s cell towers, though, I highly recommend getting another mobile phone signal booster that has a yagi-directional antenna instead.

One cool feature of the SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster is that it comes with the Stealth Technology. Before, you need to manually set the settings of the mobile phone signal booster for it to work optimally.

This is okay and it is usually outlined in the product’s instructional manual but not a lot of people are tech savvy. Most people just want an easy, set-it-and-forget-it solution, and that is what the manufacturer has employed with this mobile phone signal booster.

All you have to do is set this signal booster up and it will automatically adjust itself so that you will have the best performance right off the bat.

In case you’re wondering how you install this signal booster, here are the steps:

  1. This signal booster comes with an external antenna that can be mounted on the inside window of your house. You basically have to find the highest window and mount the external antenna on it using the included magnetic suction cups.
  2. The internal antenna can be attached directly to the signal amplifier. Because of this, just position the signal amplifier in the middle part of your house to have the best coverage possible.
  3. Plug the included AC adapter into the wall socket and plug it into the signal booster. Also, plug the external antenna into its port as well.
  4. Power on the device and wait until both of the green LEDs light up. After which, you’re pretty much good to go!

The SmoothTalker BRBcZ1-60XBO Mobile Phone Signal Booster only costs $350 and if you’re looking for a solid and inexpensive solution for your 4G LTE signal woes, this signal booster is the one to get.

Pander App for Android

Imagine this scenario: you came home late because you had to do overtime in your work. You need to finish a lot of things because there is a presentation tomorrow and it is for important clients.

So, you went home at around 8:30 PM. You feel drained and all you wanted to do was just eat. Of course, you didn’t have the luxury of going to a nearby restaurant because you’re too exhausted and that restaurant might have a lot of guests at that time.

I’ve been to these kinds of situations many times and I can tell you, it is kind of frustrating. The world is so busy and all you wanted to do was to eat some nice foods.

If you’re an Android mobile phone user, however, there is an app that allows you to order foods in the restaurants near you!

Introducing the Pander App for Android mobile phones. A nifty app that allows you to order from different food joints around your area.

Do you want some pizza? Do you want some Kung Pao Chicken? Do you want some burgers and fries to go along with it? No worries! With just a few taps, you can get your favorite foods in a flash!

The Pander App for Android mobile phones works by asking you just a few questions. Questions may range from what kind of food you want (fast food or restaurant), which food joints you fancy, and finally, what exact food do you want to be ordered.

After that, the app will place an order to the restaurant near you and it will be sent to you in just 30 minutes! It’s that easy!

Furthermore, the Pander App for Android mobile phones learns from your orders. For example, if you usually order a lot of pizzas, the app will suggest to you the flavor of the day or other pizza joints in the area near you. Amazing, isn’t it?

What if you wanted to have an assurance that your order was really placed? No worries! This app will send you a notification email stating that the order was successfully placed and all you have to do is wait for your food! In the event that your food is not delivered within 30 minutes, you can just reply to the email notification and they will get back to you shortly.

And, if worse comes to worse, you can just call the Pander hotline and they will immediately attend to you.

The Pander App for Android mobile phones is amazing not just because of the features that I have mentioned but this app also has a lot of partners. If you order from the participating food joints, you will get special perks and discounts (depending on the food joint). Say, you ordered from a fast food chain 3 times this week, you will get a discount on your next order, and so on.

The Pander App for Android can also use your mobile internet data to place some orders. If you don’t want the low signal reception to become the hindrance of you placing an order, I highly recommend getting a mobile phone signal booster.

The Pander App for Android mobile phones is free to download and is available in the Google Play Store.

CyanogenMod 13 Android Custom Firmware

The Android operating system is an open-source operating system in that Google releases their source code for everyone to use.

A lot of people have the love for the Android operating system and some groups even went on to create custom ROMs based on the Google Android source code.

Today, we are going to talk about a particular custom ROM that was made by a group of Android enthusiasts. This custom ROM is one of the most popular out there and you’ve probably heard of it before.

The custom ROM I am referring to is none other than the CyanogenMod. Specifically, we are going to talk about the CyanogenMod 13 in this article.

The CyanogenMod 13 Android Custom Firmware is an Android Marshmallow custom ROM with a slew of additional features.

We will talk about the major features that are present in the CyanogenMod in this article. The first feature we are going to talk about is the Home screen. The Home screen in the CyanogenMod version 13 is a deviation from the previous version.

Before, the CM home screens are typically just the stock AOSP launcher that comes with the default Android operating system.

But now, the home screen is a proprietary CM home screen in that it now has loads of customization options. For example, you now have the option to show or hide the search bar and other labels, customize the overall appeal of the home screen, and so much more. The App drawer can now be scrolled vertically by default, as opposed to the horizontal scrolling in previous CM iterations.

CyanogenMod is famous not because of the home screen, but because the myriad of options that are available for the user. Android mobile phone owners will be delighted to use the new CM 13 because there are a lot of options that are located in the settings menu.

For example, under the display settings, there are now more options than the stock Android operating system. It now has LiveDisplay, Expanded Desktop, and an LCD Density setting. The LiveDisplay is a proprietary software which is pretty much like the f.lux software in Windows PCs. This allows you to change the brightness and contrast settings into much finer details.

The Expanded Desktop allows you to run all applications in fullscreen mode. This is perfect for people who have large mobile phones and that they want to populate the entire screen of the app they are currently using.

Lastly, the LDC Density setting allows you to change the ppi of the mobile phone. Experiment with the numbers to see the best setting that is suited for your needs.

There are also other options such as the ability to change the notifications (like which app should notify you, which ones shouldn’t), the ability to toggle the privacy settings, and so much more. There are a lot of under the hood improvements which makes your Android mobile phone snappier than ever!

If you have an Android mobile phone and you’ve rooted it, you have to try CyanogenMod 13. Again, this custom ROM is based from the Android Marshmallow. So, you will get the interface of Android Marshmallow with a plethora of other additions as well.

Be sure to try CM 13 and enjoy a feature-rich Android mobile phone custom ROM!

Netgear N1500 RangeMax Wireless Router

If you are looking for a simple router amid the sea of routers on the market today, then look no further than the Netgear N1500 RangeMax Wireless router.

This is a very simple and attractive wireless router that takes advantage of the Wireless N WiFi technology. It is also backwards compatible with Wireless G devices, so there will be no problems when connecting older devices.

Here is the complete list of features for the Netgear N1500 RangeMax Wireless router:

  • Wirelessly share an Internet connection – Ideal for web, email, and social networking
  • NETGEAR Genie Home Network Manager for easy installation and home network management.
  • Features Live Parental Controls for safer web surfing on connected devices
  • Push ‘N Connect can securely connect devices at the push of a button – Highest level wireless security with WPA/WPA2. This is a router ONLY. Modem not included.
  • Wireless Range perfect for small to medium sized homes
  • Easy to setup with tablets, smartphones & computers
  • SCHEDULED WIFI ON/OFF – Conveniently program access times and conserve up to 30% of power
  • GUEST NETWORK ACCESS – Separate and secure access for guests

The Netgear N1500 has a built-in stand, so you can put it either vertically, or you can let it lie down for easy convenience. It also has a few perks that are really good for a budget router such as an automatic power on/off, guest network access, just to name a few.

Installation and setup is a breeze thanks to the Netgear Genie. This handy little program will streamline the installation process for you. When you first fire up the Netgear N1500, it will automatically redirect you to the setup page. Once there, just follow the on-screen instructions provided by the Netgear Genie, and you should all be set.

One nifty power-saving feature that the Netgear N1500 has its automatic scheduler. You see, when the router is turned on, obviously, it sucks up power, right? So, what is the best thing to do if you want to save on your electricity bill? That’s right, you have to turn off electronics or things that you do not use. The automatic scheduler can be set in order for the router to be turned on and off according to your preferences. Really handy feature indeed!

Another cool feature that this budget router has is its Guest network access. Are you a person who is fond of throwing parties for friends, family and colleagues? If so, they might want to connect to your router to enjoy internet connectivity. It is just okay to share with them your personal router information, but then, they would have access to your files in the network.

To remedy that situation, the Netgear N1500 has a built-in guest control access that you can set and have your guests connect to it instead. It is a separate SSID tailor-made for guests, so you do not have to worry about your files at all!

All in all, for a budget router, the Netgear N1500 has some of the features that the premium routers have. And for the cheap price of only $22, this is a good solution if you’re looking for a simple yet effective router on the market.

Cakes Custom Firmware for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is a gaming marvel because Nintendo was brilliant enough to include two screens for a gaming device. Now, with that hardware, wouldn’t it be nice to add another layer of functionality, right?

Thankfully, a lot of people have created custom firmwares for the portable gaming console. Cakes custom firmware is one of them.

Cakes CFW is a relatively new contender in the Nintendo 3DS custom firmware list. The custom firmware has been developed by “mid-kid” and “b1|1s”.

The advantage of installing a custom firmware on your Nintendo 3DS is that you can unlock new sets of capabilities that you don’t have when you have an official firmware.

Here are the Cakes CFW features you can expect right now:

  • SPIDER 4.x-9.2, MSET 4.x and 6.x and Ninjhax 1/2 support for old 3ds/XL/2ds.
  • MSET 4.x and Ninjhax 1/2 support for new 3ds/XL.
  • Options to boot to sysNAND (for GBA/DSi) and emuNAND up to 10.2 on old 3ds, or 9.5 for the new 3ds.
  • Emunand supports redNAND and GW emuNANDs.
  • Sig patches
  • Patches are contained in “cakes”. The .cake format is a simple format that bundles FIRM patches, and tells the patcher what those patches need to work.
  • Autoboot.
  • Supports multiple NATIVE_FIRM versions

The developers want to continually add new features in the future versions. For now, they do have a promising list of features that will entice the Nintendo 3DS user.

So, how can you install the Cakes custom firmware on to your Nintendo 3DS? Here is the install instructions courtesy from their own thread:

  1. Just copy all the files to the root of your SD card, and launch it with either spider, MSET or Ninjhax.
  2. Files and stuff are on the bottom of the post.
  3. Copy the firmware.bin linked at the bottom of the post to the cakes directory. Do the same with cetk.
  4. For MSET on 4.x or 6.x, I’ve modified zoogie’s ROP installer to work with this. There’s even a code.bin to install the rop via spider in the downloads page.
  5. For MSET on newer firmwares, first downgrade the MSET app to the 4.x or 6.x version (there’s tutorials on this site for doing that), then use the CakesROP.nds or code.bin on the downloads page to install the correct ROP.
  6. For spider, see the bottom of the post for a launcher page.
  7. NOTE: The code.bin installs the correct ROP based on your firmware version. If you’re on firmware 6.x or higher, the ROP for MSET 6.x will be installed.
  8. NOTE: Never rename the Cakes.dat. The arm9 payload is located there and the code expects it to be named like that.

When installing a custom firmware, keep in mind that you have to follow the steps correctly so that you will not brick your gaming device.

Also, if you love the work of the developers, you may want to contribute some love to them by saying thanks or donating some cash for further developments.

3DS comes to the Nintendo lineup

First of all, the 3D technology being launched within the 3DS hasn’t ever been viewed in the past. Simply, we must realize that many of us will likely be capable of playing the greatest games in 3D, the identical type of image we receive whenever we watch 3D films such as Jackass or Avatar 3D. How this tends to work out with video gaming continues to be seen, nevertheless is high time somebody attempts being imaginative with video gaming systems, particularly portable ones, which are extremely identical with the last few years or so.

While 3DS set to release soon, a number of people who may have had the chance to check out the brand new device , have reported being light headed and getting eye tiredness after utilizing the device for some time. Whether this is because their eye-sight needs to get accustomed to the 3D impact, or another issue, this is certainly one thing that Nintendo should deal with. The issues of motion disease are not delaying the release whatsoever. A lot of people have been demonstrated the device at conventions and events like that without anyone having reported anything. Will Nintendo 3DS Motion Sickness be seen as a genuine issue? Well, I’m certain everyone has become a bit light headed enjoying their favorite Xbox 360 or PS# video game for too much time so I wouldn’t be concerned about this issue for now.

What is colon cleanse

Improving Your Overall Health With a Colon Cleanse


Many people assume that a colon cleanse supplement helps you to stay regular so that you have daily bowel movements, and that they help you to feel less sluggish and bloated. These certainly are benefits of a natural cleanse, but keeping your colon healthy affects more than just your digestive system. Your overall health is reliant on good digestion and regular elimination and can benefit from a healthy, natural cleanse. How so?


Waste Equals Toxins


The colon is part of the lower intestine and while it does not play a significant role in the absorption of vitamins and essential minerals from food, it does play a role in the body’s need for elimination. Waste is stored in the colon until it has collected enough for elimination, and during this time the colon absorbs water and other nutrients to break down this waste and make it softer.


While this is a healthy process for the body and this waste in the colon does not itself create health problems, when you do not eliminate regularly this waste can build up. Toxins are stored in this waste and when it is not eliminated from the system regularly, these toxins can be reabsorbed into your system. This is one reason a good colon cleanse can be needed, as it will remove the chance of these toxins being reabsorbed into your body where they can damage your health.


Lack of Energy and Fatigue


If your colon is not functioning properly this can lead to a lack of energy and fatigue. Why is this? Your body needs water to break down waste and soften it, and it works constantly to prepare this waste for proper elimination. If the colon is not functioning as it should and this waste builds up, you can become dehydrated since the body is sapping water from your system for the colon. In turn, your other cells suffer and you feel fatigued. As your body works overtime to try and eliminate waste, you also have less energy and may feel tired.


A natural colon cleanse can then help with keeping your body healthy and with keeping your energy levels at their peak. When you eliminate built-up waste you have less chance of toxins being reabsorbed into your system and your body is not working overtime to eliminate waste, so you have less fatigue and may have more energy and better health overall.


The acekard flashcard for Nintendo

The Acekard is being pegged as one of the best flashcards in the market today. There are more than one variants of Acekard and they all have been fairly well received. Some experts have compared the Acekard with R4 cards and have inferred that the former is a much better choice. While the comparison between the two may not be totally uncalled for, yet there are some substantial differences which must be accounted for.

  • The first thing you ought to know about Acekard is that it was primarily meant to be used on Nintendo Wii gaming consoles. In the case of most state of the art flashcards that also double up as adapters, the compatibility or utility on Nintendo devices has been the priority. While Acekard is meant to be used on Nintendo Wii, yet it is compatible with a horde of different devices. The only difference is that the Acekard can be used as an adapter and a facilitator of MicroSD or SDHC slots on Nintendo which may not be the case with other gaming, computing or mobile devices. Regardless of that attribute, the Acekard is a fascinating piece of storage device.
  • Acekard versions 2 and 2i are the most advanced, the latter being specifically meant for Nintendo DSi consoles. Both these Acekard flashcards allow you to download games and you can play them immediately sourcing the game from the flashcard. You can actually download new games and play already downloaded games simultaneously. This multitasking feature is not available in all flashcards at present point in time. Apart from games, you can download movies onto the Acekard or you can save movies that are already downloaded so you can carry them with you. From music to files of various formats, Acekard allows you to save all kinds of content.
  • Acekard has multilingual support, its file formats are universally used and accepted which wouldn’t pose any problems for you when you are transferring files. You can browse your music collection while playing videos or music through the flashcard. You can use the flashcard to store eBooks and can plug it to eBook readers when you wish to read one. You can also connect your Acekard to other flashcards or MicroSD cards and slots to share files or to use content in sync. Acekard has instantaneous connectivity and doesn’t cause even a moment’s delay to load the content that you wish to play or access.